Embracing the slob from within

So I'm slowly figuring out I really can't be good at everything, even take wife out of the picture (only for the week) and I still pretty much suck. I've had a great time with Alex this weekend, we slept in, ate pancakes in bed while watching 'Cars', went to the mall, went to target, ate out three times (yeah, I've yet to cook since jason left unless you count the banana nut bread Alex insisted I make b/c the bananas were so brown), went to Walmart, hung out with Amy and Jack, played school, played babies, cut and glued, did a load of laundry, experienced Build-a-Bear for the first time, tried on new clothes (alex, not me), read stories, took a bath, made up stories with each other and the list goes on. Notice I said very little about household chores, unless you count the one load of laundry. So here I am, 11 pm on a Sunday with a huge mess of a house, dust bunnies everywhere, clean clothes everywhere, dirty clothes everywhere, milk spilled on the counters, floor, and table, toys in the tub, toys in my bed, toys in the living room...you get the point. I'm taking tonight to embrace my slobbiness and be so thankful for the wonderful memories I made with Alex this weekend. I'll never forget the look on her face when she told me a story about her 'oder famiwee in georgia', I won't forget the Eskimo kisses and fancy kisses she gave me when I got her an ice cream cone at the Chinese buffet, I hope to god I never forget her sweet voice whispering 'i lub you mommy' right before she drifted off to sleep. So she may have only taken a 15 minute nap, destroyed the house, colored all over her cabbage patch doll's face...she's still my little angel baby for whom I vow to make as much time for as I can.

So listen here house...you will remain messy, sticky and dusty for at least another day and if she happens to fall asleep a little early tomorrow I may find time to wash a dish or two or put some clothes away but until then I'm off to cuddle with my baby!


Jen said...

Amen, sister! Proud of you for embracing the slob and the messy house, and taking that time to enjoy your little girl and all the fun you can have with her! :) That's much more important, for sure.

tafkalorelei said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I sometimes look so forward to when my dh is out of town because me and the boys just have so much fun doing nothing. LOL!

Amy said...

I'm taking your cue and embracing the slob in myself this week too...my house may be a little messy, but at least I'm having a little bit of fun right?