Bug Smacker

She has become quite the conversationalist and may I add a little bit of drama queen in there as well. On Sunday evening, after shopping for an Easter dress, she both delighted and entertained me in the back seat as her and I headed home after our shopping adventure. With a little prompting, her imagination just runs wild! It went a little something like this:

Alex: (Out of nowhere)"I have a purple car."

Me: Oh, you do?

Alex: Yeah, it's a big one.

Me: Where do you drive your purple car?

Alex: To work.

Me: Where do you work?

Alex: In Day-ton (imagine emphasis on the /t/ in dayton)

Me: Wow, I work in Dayton too.

Alex: Yeah, you drive mommy's truck to work.

Me: I do. What do you do at work?

Alex: Theres bugs there. Big ones.

Me: Oh yeah? Big bugs?

Alex: Yeah, purple bugs. I fmack (smack) 'em. (Voice louder and more excited while
demonstrating a smacking motion with hands)

Me: (Takes a minute to figure out what she was saying). You smack them?

Alex: Yeah, I 'fmack' 'em. At work. They're BIG bugs.

Me: Do you smack them with your hands?

Alex: Ew, yucky...No!

Me: What do you smack them with?

Alex: (Thinks really hard) I just fmack 'em.

Me: Do you use a bug smacker?

Alex: (very excited) Yeah!

Alex: I wear my running shoes.

Me: You do? Why?

Alex: So I can run fast at work in Dayton.

Me: That's a good idea, you need to be able to run to smack the bugs.

Alex: Yeah, they're yucky, purple bugs.

Alex: Mommy, whatta you do at work?

Me: I work with old people.

Alex: Me too, and bugs.

Alex: I wuv fmacking bugs!

This isn't word for word but it went a lot like that. I'm just so entertained everyday by her animation, vocabulary growth and imagination. She is very into pretending and her conversations are really taking off talking about this pretending. I'm not sure about the obsession with bugs. She doesn't seem scared of them, just a little obsessed. Who knows, maybe she'll be an entomologist?? You can be whatever you want to be baby girl! In the meantime, keep me entertained with that imagination!


Heather said...

Love that age! The elder youth is always coming up with entertaining stories!

BTW I tagged you for a meme! :)

Amy said...

This had me LMAO... I cannot wait until Gracie starts coming up with stuff like that!