It's been awhile

Wow! To say I've been busy is an understatement. First my mom was in town for a nice visit. Alex had a blast with her and I got a little down time (or at least an extra hand to help fend off a raging toddler). We had beautiful weather and did a lot of shopping and eating out. By the end of mom's visit, alex was pleading with us to "not go out to eat at a restaurant".

The weather here has been beautiful but all of our allergies are working up a bit. None of us technically have allergies but the first few weeks of spring always brings up a few sniffles, sneezes and watery eyes. The warm weather is worth it! We're outside from the time we get home from work until sundown...it really helps keep the house clean when we're not in it!

Other than that, work has been keeping me so busy! I've taken the position of manager, extremely reluctantly, and am quickly realizing why I don't want that position! It's just to much work and responsibility--seriously now is not the time in my life I want to advance in my career. I totally work for a paycheck (luckily in a field I love) and make a comfortable amount when I'm not managing. Actually, it's such a small increase in pay for the promotion that it's hardly worth it! So why do it??? It's kind of complicated but our therapy department has no boss and things were falling apart. I'm no miracle worker but am quickly finding out that if one person takes charge (and I happen to be the only person with the experience) things run so much more smoothly. However it means goodbye to my flexible schedule and flying under the radar. People actually need me and I have enough of that at home. Hopefully it's just a short term thing!

On another note we've done a few 'fun' things lately to spice up toddlerhood. Alex now loves 'sink baths'. First it was the bathroom sink and tonight it was the kitchen sink...she thinks it's the coolest thing! At this point, whatever makes her happy!

Well enough for now, off for some much needed shut eye...another friday night bites the dust!!!


Oh Happy Me!

Jason returned from his vacation yesterday and all is well. I've realized how nice it is to have both of us around, that's for sure. Little things get done so much easier and I've definitely taken that for granted. I missed him so much more than I expected and while it was a break we probably really needed, it's good to have him back.

I may be all happy he's home because he surprised me with this

I own a few vera bradleys but wouldn't call myself a collector or anything. When a pattern comes out that I like I'll try to get my hands on an affordable piece. Well I've since started receiving the catalog in the mail and this month I loved the little tote on the cover. I mentioned to Jason how much I liked it but haven't said anything since. Well he remembered and brought it back for me. It's a tiny little thing, but the perfect accessory for me to get the spring started!

Oh, and after a $50 trip to urgent care last evening, alex was diagnosed with a double ear infection. At least that explains the fever. I suspected so but finally felt the need to have a doctor's reassurance and of course the prescription for antibiotics (which my weariness regarding antibiotics is a whole other story). This is her 2nd ear infection, both happening in the last 4 months or so-hopefully this is not a trend! Oh well, her fever's down and I've got a new little bag, I'm happy for the moment!


happy 2nd day in a row sick day

Boy, will I pay for this on Monday! I've spent my second day home with an on again, off again sick child. She has a fever and is all cuddly one minute and the next is running through the house like a mad woman. When I have the flu, (which will probably be next week) why am I confined to bed unable to lift a limb?

On a positive note I accomplished a few things today...one load of laundry, half of the dishes washed (the ones that would fit in the dish washer), 6 episodes of Wow, Wow Wubzy and 4 of Dora, got my manicure and pedicure compliments of 2 1/2 year old alex (it's just lovely), drank strawberry milk for the first time since childhood...Um, I think that's it. It's been a lovely day in one of those get nothing done kind of ways. Plans are to visit friends in Columbus tomorrow and maybe visit the zoo!!


mommy's always right

Alex is sick! Running a fever all day, lethargic, poor appetite, poor sleeping. The thing I love when she's sick (seriously I don't love that she's sick but...) she LOVES to cuddle. I think I've spent 3 hours today just holding her while she sleeps. I miss baby alex and on days like these I get a little taste of that again.


The Miracle I needed...

All I have to say is that Alex was asleep before 9:30 pm for the first time since I don't know when!!! Woo hoo! My plan is to clean the house as soon as I get off the net. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd begin cleaning the house at 10 pm.
She may have went to bed 'early' because she's not feeling well. My mommy intuition tells me she may be getting sick, but I'll take the early night and deal with the possible sickness later--I NEED the break.

Something funny from today:
I picked her up at daycare at 5:30 (after I promised I'd pick her up early...bad mom!) and as we were pulling out of the parking lot she told me she had to pooptie. I pulled into McDonalds which was right next door and headed to the bathroom with her, very quickly I might add as she NEVER tells me she has to go #2. She proceeded to do her business and then expected we were going to eat there. Well, why not I thought?? So I told her we could eat and when she was done she could play on their outground playground since she went 'pooptie' all by herself. She was so excited to play but I made her be patient while we ate. When we were finally done, we went to head outside and the door to the playground was locked. I asked the worker girl if it was closed and she flatly responded 'yeah' with no further explanation. Damn McDonalds!! Alex had her heart set on playing outside on the slide and was absolutely crushed when she heard the 'bitch' say it was closed. She was devastated and as I coaxed her to the car I made promises to stop at the first park I saw or next restaurant with slide. She proceded to say. "Those mean people." "They wouldn't let me slide, those mean people", "That's a big no-no", "I'm just a little big grill (girl) and they wouldn't let me slide". She huffed and puffed and basically bitched them out the whole ride home!

So thanks MickeyDee's for breaking my little girl's heart! She may never desire another chicken nugget again or for that matter tell me when she has to go pooptie!! It'll be your fault when she's still pooping her pants in college!