A foot of snow, you've got to be kidding me!!

This is what I sent around to my family last night. I moved to Ohio about 7 years ago after living in South Georgia for about 3 years...it's days like this I kick myself and ask why?????

Well, I'm off to race the snow, hoping to finish my day at work and return to my warm and cozy home to watch the snow fall from my window. All the while secrectly wishing my retired neighbor decides to continue to be generous and snow blow our driveway (even though I'm at least 25 years younger than her) Unfortunately, I think I'll be fighting the accumulating snow most of the day as I drive around the state working with grumpy old people.

I swear that damn groundhog said only six more weeks of winter...that seemed like ages ago!

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Heather said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting me! I'm still pretty new at this blogging stuff.

I hear you on the snow, but down here it's rain. Rain, rain, rain. Blah. I did want some snow, but now I'd be happy with some sunshine! You know? :)