Let the Big Melt Begin

Well we survived the blizzard of '08. It did get pretty bad here for awhile, they even closed the roads but I made the most of things and became a domestic godess for a day! Well, I'm pretty far from a godess but I did enjoy baking a few things from scratch. Let's see, I started with Banana Nut bread which turned out pretty yummy and now is A's favorite snack. She calls it 'nana butter bread' and actually took a piece with her to daycare this morning to eat for her morning snack. I made a chocolate cake (from scratch) which turned out well but I goofed with the icing! I ran out of powdered sugar and my icing was too thin. So it was more like a thick glaze and we now have to keep the cake in the fridge...still tastes good. To round out the day I made a casserole from a cookbook we have from Jason's grandma's side of the family. You know those cookbooks that everyone submits a few recipes. I scoured through it until I found something we had all of the indegredients for and came up with Chicken Breast Supreme...Let me say 'aunt dottie' this is not really supreme at all. It kindof tuned out like a gooey chicken/cheesey mess. It tasted alright I guess but it's noting I'd submit to a cookbook and that's not saying much because I suck at cooking. The rest of the weekend was spent doing dishes from the cooking marathon (the worst part about cooking), playing in the snow and trying to keep the house cleaned up (fat chance). I'm actually kinda glad to be heading back to work this morning...it was a long weekend, we all got a little bored and testy with each other and really Mommy just needs a break it's hard work being a godess!!!


tafkalorelei said...

Adorable picture!!! Glad you all survived!

Heather said...

That is some pretty snow! Seriously! And a beautiful little snowbunny!

See, here's the thing with baking. Make the boy do the clean-up; if I had to clean up my own kitchen messes, I'd never cook!

Amy said...

Love the picture, we have quite a bit of snow here too (and got more today)...wishing you some warm weather and lots of melting snow in the near future!