The Miracle I needed...

All I have to say is that Alex was asleep before 9:30 pm for the first time since I don't know when!!! Woo hoo! My plan is to clean the house as soon as I get off the net. I never thought I'd see the day where I'd begin cleaning the house at 10 pm.
She may have went to bed 'early' because she's not feeling well. My mommy intuition tells me she may be getting sick, but I'll take the early night and deal with the possible sickness later--I NEED the break.

Something funny from today:
I picked her up at daycare at 5:30 (after I promised I'd pick her up early...bad mom!) and as we were pulling out of the parking lot she told me she had to pooptie. I pulled into McDonalds which was right next door and headed to the bathroom with her, very quickly I might add as she NEVER tells me she has to go #2. She proceeded to do her business and then expected we were going to eat there. Well, why not I thought?? So I told her we could eat and when she was done she could play on their outground playground since she went 'pooptie' all by herself. She was so excited to play but I made her be patient while we ate. When we were finally done, we went to head outside and the door to the playground was locked. I asked the worker girl if it was closed and she flatly responded 'yeah' with no further explanation. Damn McDonalds!! Alex had her heart set on playing outside on the slide and was absolutely crushed when she heard the 'bitch' say it was closed. She was devastated and as I coaxed her to the car I made promises to stop at the first park I saw or next restaurant with slide. She proceded to say. "Those mean people." "They wouldn't let me slide, those mean people", "That's a big no-no", "I'm just a little big grill (girl) and they wouldn't let me slide". She huffed and puffed and basically bitched them out the whole ride home!

So thanks MickeyDee's for breaking my little girl's heart! She may never desire another chicken nugget again or for that matter tell me when she has to go pooptie!! It'll be your fault when she's still pooping her pants in college!

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Jen said...

Bitch is right! :( Yuck, so sorry that happened to sweet little Alex. Hope it doesn't stifle the potty training efforts. (((((((hugs)))))))