A new day, a new job

I'm starting a new job today. Well it's actually an old job, with a new title, and kind of a new location. The therapy world is just crazy when it comes to working in long term care facilities. I'm employed my a contract company and we contract ourselves out to nursing homes. I was managing the therapy team at a 100 bed facility in Dayton as well as the only speech therapist there. The facility ended it's contract with the company I was employed with (a common thing in the therapy world) and I decided to find a new job before I became unemployed. I went to work for a different company in Englewood, Ohio and worked there for 6 weeks before I put my notice in. I just really couldn't stand my manager and felt like I was being taken advantage of. The wonderful thing about being a speech therapist in long term care is that there is always another job waiting on you doorstep. The entire time I worked in Englewood, my old manager was begging me to return to them. I finally caved as I love working for her and the company. They are very laid back and flexible and are a really nice fit for me as a working mom. So I'm returning to them today, I'm not managing yet (and not sure I want to return to that role). We'll see how it goes. Of course I'll still be driving quite a lot but that gives me plenty of me time to tune into my sirius radio!

Oh yeah, while all of this is happening my old boss at the hospital, my first and most favorite job, has called and is begging me to return. I'm in the process of dealing with him. While I'd be taking a pay cut, I'd be working in Springfield. I'd save a ton in gas and wear and tear on my vehicle. This just poses a new problem... we love the daycare/school we have Alex in in Centerville. It has been awesome for her! It's very educationally based and structured so I'd hate to take her out of there. Oh decisions, decisions!! I guess this is great job security in a time of economic crisis!!!

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