mommy's always right

Alex is sick! Running a fever all day, lethargic, poor appetite, poor sleeping. The thing I love when she's sick (seriously I don't love that she's sick but...) she LOVES to cuddle. I think I've spent 3 hours today just holding her while she sleeps. I miss baby alex and on days like these I get a little taste of that again.


Jen said...

I totally understand that, Angie. Even with my big boys, I still love the cuddle times....and ironically, it's when they're sick that they most want to do that nowadays. Hope she feels better soon, though!

Amy said...

I'm with you on this too...Gracie is sooooooo cuddly when she is sick and I love just curling up with her and snuggling. I Hope Alex is feeling better soon (enjoy that cuddle time while you have it)