Oh Happy Me!

Jason returned from his vacation yesterday and all is well. I've realized how nice it is to have both of us around, that's for sure. Little things get done so much easier and I've definitely taken that for granted. I missed him so much more than I expected and while it was a break we probably really needed, it's good to have him back.

I may be all happy he's home because he surprised me with this

I own a few vera bradleys but wouldn't call myself a collector or anything. When a pattern comes out that I like I'll try to get my hands on an affordable piece. Well I've since started receiving the catalog in the mail and this month I loved the little tote on the cover. I mentioned to Jason how much I liked it but haven't said anything since. Well he remembered and brought it back for me. It's a tiny little thing, but the perfect accessory for me to get the spring started!

Oh, and after a $50 trip to urgent care last evening, alex was diagnosed with a double ear infection. At least that explains the fever. I suspected so but finally felt the need to have a doctor's reassurance and of course the prescription for antibiotics (which my weariness regarding antibiotics is a whole other story). This is her 2nd ear infection, both happening in the last 4 months or so-hopefully this is not a trend! Oh well, her fever's down and I've got a new little bag, I'm happy for the moment!


tafkalorelei said...

WOOT on the bag! I have the daisy daisy in the tic tac tote and LOVE it! Hope Alex is on the mend!

Amy said...

Love the bag girl! I hope Alex is feeling better soon...poor girl!