happy 2nd day in a row sick day

Boy, will I pay for this on Monday! I've spent my second day home with an on again, off again sick child. She has a fever and is all cuddly one minute and the next is running through the house like a mad woman. When I have the flu, (which will probably be next week) why am I confined to bed unable to lift a limb?

On a positive note I accomplished a few things today...one load of laundry, half of the dishes washed (the ones that would fit in the dish washer), 6 episodes of Wow, Wow Wubzy and 4 of Dora, got my manicure and pedicure compliments of 2 1/2 year old alex (it's just lovely), drank strawberry milk for the first time since childhood...Um, I think that's it. It's been a lovely day in one of those get nothing done kind of ways. Plans are to visit friends in Columbus tomorrow and maybe visit the zoo!!


Heather said...

Kids just amaze me when they're sick. We all had the flu at the same time; N had a little runny nose and was a little sleepy while DH and I had fevers of 103 for two weeks!

At least you get a little cuddle time! AND a manicure - even if it is compliments of Alex ;)! Enjoy the zoo, hopefully our predicted sun will stick around and I can take the kids next week!

tafkalorelei said...

Hope Alex gets to feeling better very soon. I think kids sometimes have a way of shaking things easier than us big people. Hope you have fun a the zoo.

Jen said...

Wow wow Wubbzy, wubbzy wubbzy WOW WOW! :)

Sorry, that song just started going through my head when you named the show. 6 episodes? You're a better woman than I am, LOL. Seriously, hope that Alex feels all better very soon, and that you could somehow bypass getting the bug yourself.