Snow Day

I remember the month of February when I was a child...there was always a lot of snow on the ground. I remember this because my mom always spray painted a red heart in the snow saying "I love you" for my dad. However, in the past many years we rarely get an accumulating snowfall this time of year. So that's why when last night they were calling for 8-10 inches in Springfield I actually got a little excited. I mean I HATE winter like the rest of them but who doesn't love one BIG snow fall of the season. Well, that 8-10 turned into less than 2 with a little bit of sleet, but the little accumulation didn't stop me from having a snow day!! When I saw that all of the schools were canceled, even colleges I thought to my self...it's far too dangerous to travel these central ohio roadways with a two year old in tow, I must stay home! And who doesn't love a snow day?? It started out well but a snow day with a 2 1/2 year old proved to be more stressful than I anticipated. This morning we mailed the valentines we made for her grandmas and grandpas and she threw a fit after we put them in the mailbox, exclaiming 'my bawentimes, my bawentimes, the mail man is gonna take my bawentimes', this resulted in a lengthy explanation of how mail travels and I assured her that grandma and grandpa would get them. We watched some cartoons she never gets to see b/c she's in day care all day, played with kitty (that'll be another post), played in the snow, played kitchen, played babies, colored (man it's exhausting being 2). We had a blast together for a while but then nap time rolled around and in her usual fashion, Alex REFUSED to go to sleep! I finally resorted to a car ride (unfortunately I've been using that tactic a little too much lately), but a mom's gotta have me time. So now she's sound asleep with kitty in my bed and instead of facing this tornando wrecked house I've decided to really enjoy a little of my snow day, mommy style. I'm off to take a quick bubble bath with my latest read and then maybe sqeeze in a little shut eye myself. Cleaning or exercising would be much better use of my time but on any other Tuesday I'd just be a work, right???

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