Will be back soon

I think I feel off the face of blogosphere!!! I have NO time! I need to blog, it helps me vent, remember, and just be me! But even as I sit here I don't have the time or energy to create something that even semi-resembles a decent blog entry. I swear I'm still alive, things are just crazy for lack of a better word! I'll return very soon!

BTW, Alex is cute as hell!! She's so chatty and funny and sometimes I'm jealous of her quirky personality! Sheeka and Oompa (her imaginary friends) are around daily and we've dubbed her conversations to living living in 'alexville'. Hopefully this is just 2 year old cuteness and not the start of a serious mental illness ;)


Sarah said...

Good to see a blog post from you!!! I was getting worried about you. Alexville sounds like an extemely fun place to be :) Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Of course she is cute as hell, not that I would know because I have not seen pictures in months! (HINT, HINT!) :) Hope to see more blogging from you girl!